What can you do in Vendée during a 3-day holiday?

The Vendée harbours a great diversity of landscapes.
Its architectural, culinary and cultural heritage make it an interesting French department. For an extended weekend in your hotel in Les Sables d’ Olonne, discover this rich and authentic territory.

Noirmoutier Island: 18 km of forests and swamps in the Atlantic Ocean

One hour from your hotel on the Atlantic coast, the island of Noirmoutier proudly stands. It is the home to the famous salt marshes, which cover a third of its area. The medieval castle of Noirmoutier-en-l’-Île dominates the city. Founded in the XIIth century, this local emblem is the witness of almost 9 centuries of history. Visitable all year round, it also hosts a museum and many temporary events, to be appreciated with your family.
At lunchtime, taste fresh fish and seafood at the restaurant La Marine. The local cuisine will delight you and will not fail to make your soul travel. For a digestive walk, head towards the beach of Luzéronde, just a stone’s throw from Noirmoutier-en-l’-Île. Even if the weather is not good for swimming, the iodized smell of the beach and the scenery will still be there.
End your walk through the island’s forests, composed of mimosas and flowering holm oaks. An ideal excursion to appease your mind before returning to your hotel in Les Sables d’ Olonne.

La Roche-sur-Yon: a must for your holiday in the Vendée region

For a more urban visit, choose a day trip to La Roche-sur-Yon, only half an hour from your hotel on the Atlantic. Discover the city’s heritage composed by several  churches dating from the XVIIIth century or its municipal museum of Fine Arts classified as a Musée de France. Discover the city centre as well. Contemplate its architecture and don’t miss the must-see Place Napoleon. The city also has several museums such as the Beautour centre or the chocolate museum, to keep the curious busy or to brighten the rainy days.

A well-deserved come back to the hotel

After these very busy days, enjoy the services of your hotel in Les Sables d’ Olonne. Enjoy fresh, local dishes at the restaurant and chill out in our heated swimming pool. For those who would like to relax, Les Jardins de l’ Atlantique also offers many activities for families and friends. Fitness, archery and even a bowling night at the Neptune bar, all the ingredients are gathered to spend a great weekend.