Winter water sports: your hotel in Vendée helps you to dive!

The arrival of autumn may mark the end of the summer season, but it does not put an end to all the water pleasures and activities. In fact, during your stay in Vendée you will have all the time to practise the water sports of your choice. Your hotel in Vendée, Les Jardins de l’ Atlantique tells you its best tips to enjoy the ocean and its beaches despite the low temperatures!

Holiday in Vendée full of energy!

The favourite activity of many holidaymakers, the stand-up paddle is a sport that consists of standing on a wide and thick surfboard and rowing with the help of a paddle. It is an exercise that strengthens the muscles of the arms, back and shoulders, but also develops balance, cardio and respiratory capacity. It can be practiced from 7 to 77 years old and whatever the season, it is the ideal sport to enjoy the ocean during a stay in Vendée during the Indian summer.

The coast alongside walk, that can be assimilated to water trekking, is another sport that is developing more and more. As its name suggests, it consists of walking along the coasts and beaches, walking with water up to the waist. Wearing a neoprene wetsuit, a hat and a pair of surf slippers, you will be ready to work on your stamina and balance! And once again, it’s a very accessible sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.

A holiday sliding in Vendée

You can always try surfing during the winter in Vendée,  there are activities that require less contact with cold water and give you just as much pleasure yet. Sailing, for example, whether in monohulls or catamarans, can be practiced all year long. Several sailing clubs offer their services, both for beginners and experienced sailors.
To conclude, the beaches of Vendée would not be so popular if the sailing chariot hadn’t become so much popular in recent years. At the controls of a very light machine, you will feel the sensations of speed at ground level! Supervised by professionals, it is a sport that is practiced all year round, and will delight younger and less younger alike!

The hotel Les Jardins de l’Atlantique at your service

You will arrive in you hotel with the sound of the waves and surrounded by a gentle sea breeze. In fact, its proximity to the ocean will immediately make you want to stroll on the long sandy beaches nearby. In addition to water activities, you will also have the opportunity to discover the rich heritage of Vendée thanks to several walks, by foot, by bicycle or even on horseback! After a day full of discoveries and/or efforts, you will be delighted to learn that our hotel has a spa area offering wellness treatments and relaxation sessions.

Finally, holidays in the Vendée region cannot be fully appreciated without an introduction to local gastronomy. Our restaurant “Le Plaisance” will propose toyou a large choice of dishes inspired by the meeting of the ocean with the stilland: fish, seafood and quality vegetables. The perfect way to complete your stay in this beautiful region!