Les Jardins de l’Atlantique, more than a hotel, a way of life!

The manager of the hotel Les Jardins de l’Atlantique welcomes you to the Vendée region and takes you on a journey through the unusual places of the region.

Dear guests at the Jardins de l’Atlantique, live a unique experience in a peaceful and preserved environment.

Like a cruise ship anchored at its harbour facing the ocean in the middle of a pine forest, our 3-star hotel offers an exceptional setting for exploring the Vendée region. Thought and intended as a place for young and old, everything is there to make you feel at home.

It is a real refuge for all the amateurs of sports, terrestrial and nautical activities (wellness area, squash, tennis, bowling, theater …).

What makes you happy in the hotel business?

“I have always attached great importance to the reception of my clients and the pleasure of receiving them. The satisfaction of making them happy during their holidays is an incredible feeling. Succeed in making them return to our hotel and to create with them unbreakable bonds, gives me the feeling that we are part of one great family. “

What discovery tips would you give to take full advantage of the Vendée?

“The south of the Vendée is ideal for coastal walks sheltered from holm oaks along bike paths, near the beaches. You can enjoy convivial moments with family or friends around an improvised picnic. Les Sables d’Olonne is a must in the region, combining cultural and natural visits that will satisfy all tastes. Beautiful boat trips in the Poitevin tides, are absolutely to discover for moments filled with poetry. The spring of arts in Vouvant is a formidable artistic encounter, a skilful mix of paintings and sculptures exhibitions.”

What are your good gourmet plans in Vendée?

“Seafood products are honoured in our Vendée region. A few steps from our hotel, La Guittière’s oyster parks are a real pleasure for oyster lovers, and a perfect opportunity to enjoy the exceptional surroundings of this protected area. In St Gilles Croix de vie, come and enjoy the grilled sardines in summer time. During the winter, I invite you to taste a grill of Mojette beans accompanied by our regional wines by the fireside, for warm moments with family or friends. For all gourmands, many colorful markets with authentic flavors are to be discovered in La Roche sur Yon. Once the sun sets, you can enjoy our local products once again by strolling through the night markets at the port of Jard sur Mer.”