Weekend in Vendée: one day in the swamp of Poitevin

Spreading over almost a hundred hectares, the Poitevin swamp represents a unique natural spot. What if you booked a hotel in the Vendée region to see it by yourself?

The Marais Poitevin Regional Natural Park is a historical natural heritage of France. Labelled “Grand Site de France”, this place is worth the detour. When travelling in the surroundings or from your hotel in Les Sables d’ Olonne, do not miss to visit it! The Marais Poitevin is situated at the junction of three departments (Vendée, Charente-Maritime and Deux-Sèvres). Take the opportunity to visit this region fo France.

A large choice of activities for your weekend in Vendée

There are several options available to you to discover the beauty of the Poitevin swamp:

  • Boat trips, preferably with a boatman. Several routes exist, according to your desires. Go for a “Tradition” walk if you are rather classical. The adventurous will undoubtedly be inclined to choose the “Surprising“, or even the “Legendary Monsters of the Marais Poitevin“…
  • A cycling itinerary of over 850 kilometers. An idea for a family trip, besides respectful of the environment
  • Walking tour, to admire this wonderful nature more closely
  • Horseback riding, in horse-drawn carriage or donkey ride, to explore the swamp villages in an original way. A very realistic jump into ancient history.
  • Fishing trips and many other activities to experience a pleasant time

Book your hotel in Vendée to relax

Between the visit of the Green Venice, the wet area of the swamp, and the Bay of the Aiguillon, the dry area, you will have a lot to do. The marais Poitevin is an ideal day trip! After this long stroll, return to Les Jardins de l’ Atlantique, where you can spend the rest of your weekend in the Vendée region to relax.

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